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Hi! Check out my work, and get in touch below to keep updated on the newest releases from me.

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To purchase God’s Love Language The Bible’s Instructions On How To Speak It

How do you show God you love him? Do you struggle with ways to explain your belief in the whole Bible and Bible ways to family and friends? Are you looking for a deeper understanding of why friends or family are following Torah observance? “God’s Love Language: The Bible’s Instructions On How To Speak It” is an explanation of how obedience was and is the love language of God, and why you would want to speak it! Informative and fun, it uses scripture to back the facts that the Law still applies. This book contains suggestions for holy day observance, great recipes as well as resources to help you start your journey on the narrow path!

To Purchase God’s Love Language 365 day Bible Study Journal

Keep track of notes, thoughts, and insights to your daily Bible study with this convenient 365-day journal as your understanding of the love language of God grows. Beautifully designed with the dove insignia from God’s Love Language The Bible’s Instructions On How To Speak it and wide ruled lines are sure to make your journaling and study experience more enjoyable.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Truth

This book was right on , I’m so impressed that someone has the heart to finally speak the truth . This world needs a wake up call, to go back and start reading the Bible . Lock up the knowledge that we were taught, and really listen to what the Bible is saying. I appreciate that in this book you will find scripture that backs up what the author is speaking about ,and not just her opinion. Must have if you are ready for the truth.

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Parties interested in working with April on a collaboration or interviewing her about her works should email her via contact page.

5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging, Excellent resource, biblically accurate

The author, April Ray did an excellent job highlighting biblical truth about how to speak God’s love language to Him and others in a thought provoking manner that engages the reader. ‘God’s Love Language’ highlights the clear cohesive truth from Genesis to Revelation of how God outlines how He wants to be loved. This book is written in a way that engages the reader and keeps attention. Also really appreciate the practical applications and tips.

In the works:
for spiral spine edition

April Ray was born in Dayton, Ohio. (April 9, 1982) She moved around the country as a child with her parents. Entered in the military at the age of 20 where she met her future husband. She was medically discharged a year later. She has had many jobs but has always had a love of writing and reading. She has three children and lives in Texas with her husband, James. She wrote and published her first book “God’s Love Language: The Bible’s Instructions On How To Speak It” after receiving the inspiration for the cover during prayer.

“I love writing! I think it is the most sincere form of expression and imagination. Being an independent author allows me to write from my own heart and imagination without worrying about a publishing companies agenda or timeline.”

When April is not writing or researching for her next book, she is chasing her toddler around, spending time with her husband, trying to keep her garden alive or doing bible study with her B.S.C family.


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