Oh, the joys of an independent author! I received my proof copy of Holy Eats! I am not in any way pleased. This is one of the issues you run into being a self-publisher. Formatting is proving to be an issue for me, one I am trying to learn on the go so that I can save a bit of money while providing my readers with the absolute best content I can.

Being a self publisher means funding your own projects, cover artists, editors, proof readers and even formatting professionals cost money. Sometimes these costs are upwards of 1000 or more dollars just to get your vision how you want it to be. This can be a hindrance to those of us without the expendable income, but with the ideas. LOL. These costs tend to trickle to the reader and make the costs of the book beyond what the estimated value is. That is fine for some authors but, I can’t in good conscious do that to mine. So here I am 4 days before my tentative release date trying to figure it out.

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