What’s next?

It has been about two weeks since the release of Holy Eats! and it seems that people are really enjoying the content of it. The feed back I have received has been encouraging and I am very happy that people seem interested in the content. This re-enforces that I am doing what the father wants me to do.

One of the main questions you get when you publish… what are you doing next? Well the answer for me is. I really don’t know. I have a few ideas that I am toying with. But to be honest I don’t write anything that the Father hasn’t pushed me towards. I have many things going on at the moment. I am in the midst of selling my house and trying to find a new place to lay my head and call home, I have a three year old and two attention seeking dogs, not to mention my husband and marriage that should always be a focus.

I have many balls up in the air and only two hands. But, when and if YHWH tells me to pick up the pen again, I will. My hope is that I will get more research for a YA series about the greater exodus. But just last night I got an idea for a children’s book called Peculiar Patty, about a child who is learning that being set apart is not a bad thing and being different from the world is a blessing. So I do not know what tomorrow holds for me and my writing. Just taking it one word at a time!

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